Tuesday, January 17, 2012

 I watched the kids race into school today with smiles on their faces, excited to see their friends again and meet their new teacher.
It’s the first day of school here in Guatemala, as I scan over each of their faces; I catch a glimpse of a little boy standing in the corner. I have seen him before. His name is Miguel.
Miguel gave me a shy smile, and I couldn’t help but think how his first day of school would be different than all of the first days of school I have experienced in America. He didn’t have brand new clothes, and fresh school supplies. Instead he wore torn up pants and a small, dirty backpack.
You see, Miguel wouldn’t have been able to go to school if it weren’t for a mission team that decided to help break him free from the cycle of poverty he was stuck in, by providing him a scholarship to attend  New Day Christian School.  
Now, Miguel is able to have a good Christian education, all because of people like you.
I pray that more kids like Miguel would be able to get an education, but even more I pray that they would learn about God’s love for them. I am thankful for the work being done at New Day Christian School to provide kids an exit from the poverty surrounding them.

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