Friday, February 10, 2012

What life is like... Part 2

While missionary kids may give up a lot when it comes to material things, we gain a lot in experience.
We may not own cars, the newest electronics, or the latest clothes, but every day we get to experience
things that most people never do.

We make new friends with every mission team that comes, we learn new languages. We learn the importance of serving someone other than ourselves, and our lives are never boring.

As missionaries, we understand the importance of having fun. God didn't intend for us to be serious all the time, he wants us to enjoy the things he has given us. If life as a Christian were boring, no one would want that. Showing others that our life is good because of God, makes them want what we have, and gives us an opportunity to share Christ with them.

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  1. Addie,
    You are embracing every moment that God is giving you - thank you for sharing with us all that He is doing.