Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I thought it might be fun to show how a Guatemalan lives...

This is Estella and her mother-in-law. Most Guatemalan families live near each other, and often times, a married couple will move into a house right next to the one they grew up in. They parents slowly build it as they have the money, while the child is growing up.

Estella cooks for her husband, Javier, and her four kids on this stove that a mission team built for her. You put wood in a hole underneath the flat surface that you cook on.

Estella's mother-in-law, however, prefers to cook over a fire on the floor of her house, as she has always done.

Estella, Javier, and their kids work out in the field collecting corn, beans, and other vegetables.

They wash their hands, clothes, dishes, and even their hair in a pila. The pila has three areas, and the middle one always has water in it. One side is usually for hands, while the other is for dishes and such. You don't put anything dirty in the middle, because that is kept clean so when there is no more water to run, you can use that.

Estella and her family hang their clothes out to dry after hand-washing them in the pila, and they share an outhouse with their neighbors.

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