Monday, April 9, 2012

The highlight of my day is playing with these guys. Every day at 1:30 I get to go see the kids at the Manna Feeding Program. After they are served a simple meal, I get to play with them.  Some days we play soccer, or go swimming, or I get to do a devotion, they laugh as we pronounce Kachiquel words wrong, and they teach us Spanish, as we teach them English. Some of my best friends attend the Manna Feeding Program.

Olga and Luz, 14 and 17 year old sisters, are two of them. It's weird though, I never would have imagined it this way. They're lives are so different from mine, and before coming here, there's no way I would have picked friends like them. Which is sad, because I would have been missing out on one of the greatest gifts.

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