Wednesday, July 4, 2012

If you had the cure for cancer, would you not tell the world?

Well, we've got something even better- the cure to sin which equals death.

We have Christ.

When we have something as amazing as this, we are really being selfish if we don't go tell the world!

If you had the cure for cancer, the first people you would share it with are those who are suffering from cancer. The same for us, we need to share Christ with those who are suffering in sin. Its not enough to keep it to ourselves or only talk about Jesus with only those who already known Him. We need to be taking the cure that we have to the ends of the earth. To the lost, broken and abandoned. To the ones that no one else loves, because Jesus would love them. To the orphans and widows, to the drunk and imprisoned, to the HIV/AIDS.

As Christians we should strive to be like Christ, and he didn't say, "well, I think I've done good enough," after telling just 12 people. He was always striving for more. Every day, we need to look for ways that we can share Jesus. Whether its by smiling, giving someone a ride to church, providing food or a home, or spreading the world to the ends of the earth, Jesus should be in every aspect our of lives. People shouldn't have to ask our religion, they should know by the way we live our lives.

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