Tuesday, July 31, 2012

She gave..

Even after almost a year of living here, I am still amazed by what I see, and this week has been full of eye-opening things. We were able to see some precious children of God receive wheelchairs and sit upright for the first time in their lives. You can read about that here. We also had the privilege of visiting a community that was struggling to survive in the middle of nowhere. We seriously had to cross 3 rivers just to get there, and we visited a young mom who will soon give birth to her baby in the middle of the garbage dump. But what amazes me even more than the poverty is these people's hearts. Though they don't have much, they are willing to share what they do have.

Take Elsa for example...

I had the blessing of going to Antigua with Elsa and her two boys, Alexander and Jorge Manuel, after church on Sunday, and what I saw just about brought me to tears.

As were we walking the streets of Antigua, we saw a skinny little girl with a missing hand begging on the streets. So many people passed her by. They would cross to the other side of the street to ignore her, or they would look the other direction, anything so that they could avoid this little girl. And then I saw Elsa, who owns very little in this world, look into the eyes of this little girl, and give. While she was only able to give a quetzal, which isn't worth much, to Elsa, to that little girl, and to God, it was huge.

Now, you have to understand, that Antigua is a very touristy place. Most people there could have afforded to give to this little girl, without ever even missing the money. Antigua is full of tourists and people on mission trips even, who could have, and should have done something, but they were too wrapped up in buying their souvenirs and taking their pictures, and so out of all of those people, it was Elsa.

Later, as I was talking to Elsa, I told her that I had noticed what she'd done, and that she was example for us all. She replied, "God has blessed me, so I want to bless other people. I wasn't able to give much, but hopefully she will be able to buy some tortillas with it. It's not okay with me to let someone starve when I have been blessed with food on my table."

Elsa is right. It is not okay to allow anyone to starve, when we eat more than we need, and yet so many times we are guilty of just that, and I don't think its very pleasing to God. It's one thing for a child to go hungry, it's a whole other thing for a child to go hungry, while our plates are overflowing.

I pray that God would help us to, like Elsa, give until it hurts. To realize that God had blessed us, not so that we can keep it to ourselves, but so that we can bless others. That God would show us the need, and that we would act. That He would open our eyes to the world around us, and break our hearts for what breaks His.

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  1. wow. that's all I can say.
    Thank you so much for sharing Addy - Elsa is an example for us all.