Sunday, January 27, 2013

So it happens to be Super Bowl Sunday...

Three years ago when I put together the first One day/One lunch, I had no idea that 3 years later it would just happen to land on Super Bowl Sunday. I have had person after person inform me that it's a shame it is on Super Bowl Sunday this year.

As I began to pray and seek God this is what He showed me...

Each year people are willing to spend thousands of dollars on tickets to go the Super Bowl- then hundreds more on hotels around the event. Each 30 second advertisement during the Super Bowl costs as much as 2 million dollars. This year's halftime show is expected to cost 4 million dollars. And that's not even mentioning all the people at home who spend tons of money on food and drinks for their parties.

 To be honest, looking at those dollar signs makes me physically sick.

 How did this happen?

When did we start being cool with spending millions of dollars on a football game, yet  we turn our back on the 160+ million orphans around the world.

When did we start putting more value on a football game than on a persons life?

I think its time that we stop and take a good long look at what we as a nation have come to see as valuable. Stop and look around us.  There are people hurting, children starving, humans being sold into sex trafficking.  All of them are screaming out for help- and yet we cannot hear them because we are too busy screaming for our favorite team. 

So you know what, I'm okay with the 3rd annual One Day/One Lunch landing on Super Bowl Sunday. I'm okay that it's a little more inconvenient and I'm okay with it challenging people just a little bit more... because I have learned that those are the times, if we are really willing, God will teach us the most.

One Day/ One Lunch- can make all the difference in the world to a child in need- even if it happens to be on Super Bowl Sunday.

To give go to:
*indicate for Village of Hope- One Day/One Lunch
Mail checks to:
Lifesong for Orphans
PO Box 40
Gridley, IL 61744
*Indicate for VOH One Day/One Lunch


  1. Well said, Addisyn. I love your passion, determination and compassion for the little, the least and the lost!

    Pastor Brian

  2. Oh my goodness! You are such an inspiration to me Addisyn! Thank you for saying this and challenging me to do it as well!! Hope everything is going well for you at VOH :D

  3. Not only do we spend that much and ignore the "read needs" in the world but here's a bit from the Huffington Post...."Last year Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, preparing for what he understood to be a major increase in forced, underage commercialized sex (these would be child sex slaves) called the Super Bowl "the single largest human trafficking incident in the United States."

  4. Addisyn, you are a powerhouse for Christ! My very young daughter is a fireball already; my prayer is that, like you, she will use her passion & boldness for Jesus in the years to come.

    I fully agree with your post & am very excited that this challenge falls when it does! We announced this at our little church gathering this morning & I will send reminder letters this week.

    Praying that many hearts will be changed & many mouths will be fed!

  5. Addie, What a great post. I too will spread the word at my Bible Study and others. I pray many hearts will be open to this.

    Gram Marcia

  6. Written so well, just like the old days when Jesus said: "they have eyes to see but do not see, they have ears to hear but do not hear." This country has many "gods" and the sports gods are one of them. Praying for less "hype" around a pigskin and more participation in feeding the hungry and clothing the poor. To follow Jesus means giving up all our other "gods" and many believe they can "ride the fence" and "do both"....well, I say we must "choose whom you will serve" (Joshua 24:15)

  7. Addisyn, Great day to have it. Would be incredible some day for people to get as excited about caring for others as they do something as meaningless as the Super Bowl.

  8. Count our family of 7 on it Addisyn! May God continue to use you in such wonderful ways!

  9. Addisyn, I just found your blog through Lorraine Pattersons. I want to say how inspiring your efforts are. I can't contribute right now but think its awesome how God is working in your life at such a young age. You remind me yet again of what I thought when I started advocating for orphans. Your never too young to make a difference! My 21st Birthday is the day after Super Bowl Sunday & I am working towards $21,000 for an organization called Reeces Rainbow. I will be sure to spread the word about what your doing & will be praying for it to be a success.

  10. The game isn't until dinner time so people can give up their lunch and pig out at dinner if they really can't handle giving up lunch on superbowl sunday. So true that our society throws money away.

  11. Addisyn,

    I just happend to stumble upon your blog through another blog I follow and I am so thankful that I did. You are an amazing, beautiful young woman and I love what you are doing. Can you imagine what a better place this world could be if there were more kiddos with a heart like yours living in it? Your family must be so very proud of you. If I had a daughter I would wish she had a heart like yours but God had other plans for me and blessed me with two amazing sons. Keep on being you. You are amazing.
    God Bless

  12. Addisyn our whole family agrees with you that it is a shame the amount of money spent on a football game, not to mention all the food that will go mostly wasted, yet we find a reason not to do so for children. I want you to know we are contributing our lunch money for those in our family who can go without lunch (several of our children are on gbutton feeds) on Super Bowl Sunday for your children to be able to have lunch. Great job you are doing to bring love to these children. The Burman Bunch in Texas

  13. I know our family is not a football fan, but I agree with what you say.- brianna10 years old