Monday, March 25, 2013

 "A la izquierda!" He yelled from the top of the tree. The little girls moved to the left just in time to catch the falling avocado.

Over and over again I am blessed by people who have next to nothing, and yet they still give of what they do have.

Yessica's family may not have much, but they share the little that they have. 

Last Thursday, we visited with their family. We prayed with them and delivered some basic groceries. Just before we left, Yessica's 11 year old brother climbed up the avocado tree to knock us down some avocados. They told us that it was the least they could do to say thank you.  

This family could barely afford to eat, yet they shared their food with us.

I stood there in awe. 

Many times, we have all we need. 

Much more than we need really. 

Yet we cling to all of our stuff, fearing that we will lose it. You see, we don't put our trust in God, leaning on Him to provide. We might say we do, but in all reality we are putting our trust in our comfort and our security and our bank account instead of in the Lord. 

Its easy to say we trust God, when we've got our savings as a back up plan. 

Its easy to say we love God, when our lives are good. 

Its not so easy on the other side of the world.

What if we lived like the Guatemalans do?

What if we had to rely on God for everything we need?

What if we prayed before buying anything, like we couldn't buy it without God's help. 

You might just find, that God has a different plan for that money anyway. Maybe you don't need that can of coke. Maybe a child needs shoes. Maybe you don't need that new purse. Maybe a child needs school supplies. Maybe you don't need that new outfit. Maybe a child needs medicine.  Maybe you don't need that boat. Maybe a child needs a home.

I encourage you to fully rely on God. Ask Him how he can use your life instead of telling Him how you want it to be.




Make your life count. 

It may be scary, it may be radical, people may even think you're going crazy, but you've got to jump out of your comfort zone, trusting that He will catch you. You may just find, that when you finally lose yourself to Him, you might just discover what you were made for.


  1. Loved this. I'm currently experiencing new things that I was made for .... yet I didn't even know it til we stepped out and followed the Lord. He is provider - of everything we need - not just monetary and for physical, but He also provides in much different ways. I'm trusting Him now to pour into me to be a foster mom. Never dreamed it would be part of our story, but Faithful Father knew. I'm finding him faithful to be provider of a foster mom's heart.

  2. Beautiful Addisyn :) You encouraged me!

  3. So true!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing you heart!
    God is using you to challenge and encourage others.

    Keep walking with Him.
    Keep serving His people.
    Keep sharing all that He is teaching you.

    It is a beautiful thing, the work that He is doing in you and through you.


    Laurel D.