Monday, March 31, 2014

Small things.

Some days I'm floating on clouds. I can't believe I get to live this life, yet other days I just want to go back to being comfortable. I'm not sure those feeling will ever go away- no matter how long I live here- but through all of the hard times I have seen God move mountains.

Lately, we have been attacked at every angle, and that excites me. It excites me because I know that every time Satan starts moving, God moves more. Its been hard and many times I have thought about giving up, but I won't quit. I know what lies ahead for me. I know who wins. So I celebrate the small victories like when Yesenia starts calling her houseparents mommy and daddy

and when Andres gets his first tooth

when Carlos learns to forgive

when Jessica realizes she never has to be alone

when Michel hears her baby's heart beat for the first time

when Vilma learns to write her name

when Stefany gets up the courage to dance for the Lord

when Griselda takes communion

and when Kimberly understands that she is valuable. 

The Holy Spirit is working here and lives are being changed, even when it hurts- not all at once, but through the small things. So I choose to praise Him.

Monday, March 17, 2014

“We must know that we have been created for greater things, not just to be a number in the world, not just to go for diplomas and degrees, this work and that work. We have been created in order to love and to be loved.” -Mother Teresa