Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Worth the Wait.

So many people want to settle into something that has already been established.

It the easy thing to do.

To just magically appear into the pre-cleared out promised land.

To move into the house that's already built and furnished.

To serve at the ministry that is already started and supported.

To marry the man that already has his careers and life plans figured out.

To preach to the congregation that is already there.

To work at the company that is already running.

None of those are bad things.

In fact, they're all really good.

But lately, God's been teaching me that some things are worth the effort, and sometimes the rewards are so much bigger if you wait, and work for them, and build with them.

So many times throughout the bible and especially in the old testament we can see examples of times when God promised something, yet for a long time, nothing seemed to be happening.

Its so easy to give up during those times, doubting ourselves and doubting God.

"Surely I must have make a mistake."

"Maybe God didn't really tell me that."

"God must have shut that door."

"Did He forget about me?"

Waiting is hard, especially for someone like me who doesn't have much patience. 

God easily could have brought the Israelites from Egypt to the promised land in a matter of minutes, but 40 years of waiting and praying made it so much more valuable when the goal was finally reached.

Joseph was sold into slavery and imprisoned for 13 years. God easily could sent him to the King immediately, but those 13 years were used to prepare him and teach him. Because of the wait, his story is so much more amazing. The wait made it so much more valuable. 

It could have been so much easier for my family to serve at a ministry that was already founded and funded, but being at Village of Hope since the very start and being a part and seeing it come together makes it so much more rewarding when we see lives changed. Because we know where we come from.

Some things might are easy to give up on, but if you stick through with it. It will be so much more valuable in the end.