Monday, November 17, 2014

Why Family?

Before starting Village of Hope, God gave us a vision- His vision. He showed us His perfect design to care for children.

To give them a family.

"God sets the lonely in families" Psalm 68:6

Because of the family setting at Village at Hope, kids are truly being healed, instead of just receiving a band-aid. Boys are growing up to be men of God with a father to show them how, and girls are bring taught how to love themselves and to care for a family. Our kids are taught how a family acts, because that is something they have never seen before. They are taught how to treat each other, and how they deserve to be treated.

I could go on and on about why the family as God created it is the perfect design, and how amazing our kids are and everything they are learning because of it, but instead I decided to ask them. I asked several of them what it means to them to have a family, and their answers left me standing in awe.

"The family is so important because they take care of us, they educate us, they correct us... even when we have some type of worry, they are there for us... They even teach us to love ourselves and they teach us good and bad. Also how to have a good attitude and they give us love, care, and they give us their time. " - Yesenia age 14

"Before, I didn't have a family that appreciated me. They didn't visit me when I was in the hospital. Now I am so happy here at Village of Hope because I have a good family." - Moises age 12

"The family is so important because they can take care of us and teach us to do good things and how to behave.  They teach us good habits like how to respect others, just as they respect us. But what's most important is that they talk about that someone loves us and they teach us about the love of God and his promises." - David age 14

"In Village of Hope the best that could have happened is to have a family. And mom and a dad that care about us. To have a family and a house is so good because a lot of us in the home didn't have good families before and now we are so happy to have a family. In a lot of other homes there are no families, but here there is." - Jessica age 16

"I feel so good in my family because I know that they love me a lot."- Kimberly age 14

"I have a daughter named Rubi and she is two years and three months old. For her and for me it is very important to have a family. I know that our parents are responsible and loving  and that we will grow up happy and with faith in God... I have been in other homes where they don't take care of kids. Thanks to God I now live in this home."- Jessica age 16

"What does is mean to have this family? It means that they help me and I don't feel alone with my daughter." - Michel age 14

"I was living in another children's home and I didn't like it because they didn't treat me good and the other kids hit me. Where I live now in Village of Hope I like it because they help me and support me and give me what I need. There are parents here who teach me good things. I wouldn't want to go back to where I was. I like it here a lot." - Gustavo age 13

"The truth is that before I couldn't have a family like I have now. I thank God because I am at Village of Hope. They gave me a family like I had dreamed of. I have a dad who I can ask for help. I have a mom who listens to me." - Elizabeth age 14

So what does family mean to you?

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog, you are a great encouragment:-)
    My dream would be with people who are in poverty and in need also.

    Keep strong in the Lord!