Saturday, January 10, 2015

One Day-One Lunch-One Less

It sounds funny saying that God used a bowl of soup to change my life, but He did.

Looking back, that was the turning point. 

That was what God used to get ahold of me- a bowl of soup. 

When I was 14 years old, I was blessed to go to Ethiopia with my mom to bring home my adopted baby sister, Havyn. While we were there, a missionary couple took us to visit a preschool they worked with. They explained  how they were hoping to start a feeding program, because the kids were so hungry that they couldn’t even concentrate in school. 

As I looked around I saw poverty like I had never seen it before. I will forever have that image of those children, skinny and malnourished, dressed in tattered clothes, with their little bare feet dirty and scabbed, harboring a distant look in their eyes. It seemed that suddenly the things that used to be important to me no longer were. The thought of all the name brand clothes in my closet that I was so adamant about buying now disgusted me. I didn’t care anymore about having the latest technology. Being popular no longer mattered to me. All my ‘first world problems’ now seemed almost embarrassing. 

I didn’t want my life to go back to the way it was before. I couldn’t forget what I had seen and I had to do something about it.

Proverbs 24:12 “Once our eyes are opened we can’t pretend we don’t know what to do, God who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows what we know and hold us responsible to act.”

At age fourteen, in the worlds eyes, I didn’t have a lot to give. I didn’t have a job or much money.  I really wasn't qualified in anything. I was just a kid.  But as I prayed, God showed me that I did have something to offer. 

Just before my freshman year of high school, I approached my mom and asked her if instead of buying the school lunch every day for $2.50, I could instead make a small bowl of soup, much like the kind that was served at the feeding program we had visited while in Africa, The soup cost about 78 cents to make and I could then donate the remainder of what I would have spent to the preschool in Africa. She agreed.

So while everyone else in the 9th grade was trying to be cool, I was getting made fun of for the soup I brought every day and for the way it smelled. I guess it was a good thing I had already decided that being popular didn’t matter. :)

 After months of eating soup, a couple of friends decided to join me.  This got me to thinking that if  a group of us would join together and give up our lunch money, even for one day- what a huge difference it could make. So I began to pray. On the 100th straight day of my eating soup for lunch,  I asked everyone I knew, posting on facebook and blogs, to join me for just for ONE DAY. For just ONE LUNCH.

And so, the One Day-One Lunch program began. 

God used the little I had, and He multiplied it.

On Feb. 3rd, 2011 over $6,000 was raised by people all over the world giving up their lunch to give hope to those in need. And at the age of 14, God showed me that He can use anyone if only they are willing.

Just like the little boy with the 5 loaves of bread and two fish, God showed me that when you give what you have, even if it doesn’t look like much, he can use it, and it will multiply. 

Everyone has something to give-even if it’s just your lunch. 

This February 3rd will be the 5th annual one day-one lunch program. Five years ago, God used a bowl of soup to change my life. This year, will you let him use your life/your lunch- to change another? 

Will you join us in giving up your lunch for just one day and instead donating the money you would have used on your lunch that day to help prevent one more child from becoming an orphan?  The money raised this year when you give up your ‘lunch money’ will go towards Village of Hope’s Pure Hope program which aims to keep families together by teaching mothers to care for and provide for their children. 

Grab a group of friends and (don't) do lunch. Instead, let Him use you to do big things in the life of another. 

To donate your lunch money this year visit: